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Brass Screws
Self Tapping Screws
We provide a wide range of high quality Self Tapping Screws which is procured from reliable vendors of the market. Self tapping enable the screw to advance when turned during the creation of its own thread. Further, the steel tapping screws offered by us are extensively used in metal as well as wood work. We also facilitate our customers to avail these in customized specification to meet their specific requirements.
Self-tapping screws are often used to fasten plastic parts together. Self-tapping screws are available both in thread-cutting type as well as thread-forming type.
Thread Forming
Pros Cons
High tensile values High hoop stress, boss has to be designed to withstand this stress
High amount of torque to strip threads
Large number of cycles of assembly and disassembly possible Stress relaxation possible
Suitable for plastics that are non-brittle Not suitable for brittle plastics
Thread Cutting
Pros Cons
Lower Hoop Stress Lower Tensile Pullout
Suitable for brittle plastics Lower amount of torque to pull the threads
Any kind of brass screws, self tapping screws can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications.