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rubber product
Rubber 'O' Rings


Our broad ranges of "O" Rings are extensively used as mechanical seal or gasket.
They are designed to be seated in the groove and compressed during the seal.
We offer custom designed seals in standard cross-sections (imperial and metric)
to any length or ID. The rings can be molded or spliced to meet the exact
specification of our clients. We also supply encapsulated 'O' rings that are
coated with layer of another material at the top

Quality Grade

•Advantage Standard O Ring Kits NBR 70 and NBR 90 are the Imperial (AS Standard) and Metric Sizes.
•All 'O' Rings are readily available in NBR/FPM material in AS 568, metric, P&G series standard.
•'O' Rings Sealing compact set for general renew upgrade or repairing purpose.

Rubber Product
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