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TNC Connectors
75-Ohm TNC – A large number of TNC connectors are 50-ohm types even when using coaxial cable of different impedances. There is also a 75-ohm series, which provides a good SWR to a range of about 1 GHz. These feeds can be received as well as recognized by applying a reduced quantity of dielectric near the mating ends. Characteristically, these connectors are intermatable with all standard types.
Feauture & Benefits :

The threaded-coupling interface ensures the security of the connection. In such circumstances, the connector will never de-couple while engaged in an array of vibration-intensive applications.

The best aspect of using TNC technology is the security that is guaranteed to its users. Since most TNC programs are recognized to be the unitary programs of Underwriter's Laboratories, it is imperative that the programs go through an intensive testing session conducted by an independent laboratory.

TNC connectors provide high-efficiency performance. They can perform 0-11 GHz operations in a large number of applications.

Any kind of brass tnc connectors can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications.